Beiler's Auto Repair Inc.
4.85/5.00, based on 89 ratings; 72 user reviews

  Geoff & Gail, 07/20/2017

Service was done on time and as stated. Dave Ross is a great person to work with!

  Bill, 06/22/2017

Always friendly, fast,and fair. Did tune ups on two of our cars. Very reasonable cost and got it done while I waited.

  Karen, 06/08/2017

I have used Beiler's Auto Repair for years. Have always been satisfied. They are very professional. If something is not right , they will make sure it is fixed and that you are satisfied!!

  Loren, 05/26/2017

I took my 94 towncar to Beiler's and needed AC diagnosis and repair. They were straight forward and their estimates were accurate. All work was successful and i was very pleased. I had a laundry list of other issues i had them address and they solved all of those issues. In the end i was totally satisfied. They are professional and their shop is well run. I would recommend them to anybody looking for a shop they can trust to seriosly address their needs.

  Georgette"Juwan, 05/26/2017

I am very satisfied with your service. Good job!!!?

  Jordin, 05/11/2017

Beilers is great! Fast, efficient, no pressure to get any other services. Excellent

  Tim & Sarah, 05/11/2017

Well done, as always!

  Audrey, 05/08/2017

As always, very good service, courtesy and confident personnel.

  Fil+Luisa, 05/06/2017

Beiler's Knows Service. They respected my appointment time and were honest in there assessment of my repairs needed. Best auto repair shop in Sarasota.

  Anita, 05/05/2017

Fast, Friendly, Efficient. What more could one want?

  Deb, 05/04/2017

I have been to Beilers twice, visiting in Sarasota, all the D's are warm and welcoming! Beilers will be my go to for all my car care needs.

  Tony & Georgia, 04/27/2017

Excellent! Great service done with honesty & integrity!

  Pat, 04/13/2017

As always professional and precise. Welcoming environment and these guys have it together. Always helpful and never condescending. As a woman that means a lot. Once again, thank you for your assistance and for going out of your way for me.

  Steve & Carol, 04/07/2017

A repair place I actually enjoy going to. Fair prices, good work, and great people.

  Joe, 04/06/2017

Did a great job. Great value and honest service.

  Cindy, 03/30/2017

I LOVE you all at Beiler's! You are always upbeat, friendly, and the waitis never long. Everyone is so friendly, and truly interested in each customer that comes in. You really make me feel like I'm your favorite, though you probably make everyone feel that way. You remember details about my family, which adds that personal touch. Thank you for offering small-town service in 2017. Many thanks! Cindy I

  Shawn & Art, 03/23/2017

Dear Danny, I generally have a good experience. This time I put a great deal of money into my vehicle --- about $1,150 --- abiding by your recommendations. During this visit I asked to have a low beam headlight installed (which I had) and requested that they be aligned. Once home I noted that the lights were not aligned at all. I returned later that day and another attempt was made to align. I was told your OK to go. Unfortunately that evening I noted the alignment was even worse. I was becoming frustrated. I remove the light and noted that the bulb had not been placed in properly. A quick adjustment and everything was back in order. This took me two minutes at most. Just disappointed that I was charged, had to return and yet the job was not properly done, yet the car was released back to me with the lights in very poor alignment. A little investigation would have resulted in a quick fix. Regards, Art

  Heidi, 03/10/2017

Thank you your usual great service.

  Joe & Theresa, 03/09/2017

These guys are the best! I had a problem with my car starting. I took it into Beiler's and within in hour they diagnosed a bad battery and replaced it. Kudos to Danny, Dave, and Chad. Thanks guys!

  Leigh, 03/04/2017

Always excellent and friendly service!!